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                                            , your preferred professional mover for International Moving.

International moving is possibly one of the biggest decisions any family can make. We have all heard the adages about poor planning and what it leads to, which are mostly correct. With effective planning even complex international moves can be handled efficiently, economically and with the least possible disruption to your family.


It is important that you enlist the help of a professional and reliable mover to help make your transition stress-free and happy. Let ProMove Singapore be your international moving partner and have a peace of mind that you will have a smooth international move to your destination.


Packing for international shipping is a specialist skill, so we have experienced and professionally-trained crews to provide this service for you. We’ll decide what type of packing and wrapping is necessary during the pre-move survey.



Our crew are professionally trained to handle difficult various complexities of any move and meet the special requirements of your move. From the smallest delicate items to the heaviest and bulkiest furniture, you can be assured that our crew have the right expertise to handle these items.


We’ll use modern, environmentally-friendly, purpose-made packing materials to pack all your possessions ready for moving.  China and glassware are wrapped in special paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons; furniture is wrapped in bubble blanket for extra protection; and items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates if necessary.


The earlier you plan your International moving the less stressful the move should be. To start planning, contact us who will take you through the process. When you are ready we will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit you.


Mode of shipment:

  • Sea Freight- Full Container Load (FCL)

  • For shipment, large enough for a 20’, 40’ or 45’ sole use container and no storage require at origin or destination, we will strongly recommend that your personal belongings be loaded directly into container at your residence.

  • Sea Freight- Less than Container Load (LCL)

  • For small shipment where a full container would not be economical, your personal belongings will be packed at residence and over-cased in purpose-built triwall board cases or wooden crates (liftvan) at our warehouse for optimum protection for your personal belongings when shipping a Less than Container Load (LCL), prior to release to port for onward shipping on next available carrier. 


  • Air Freight

  • A more expensive mode, charged based on volumetric weight but is much faster in term of transit time. Family usually send a small portion of essentials (baby items, work related material) in advance of your sea shipment.


  • Road Transport (to West Malaysia)

  • The most economical mode compared to air and sea freight to West Malaysia.

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