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                                            , is a leading provider of International and domestic moving services to corporate employees and private individuals worldwide.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the international and domestic moving industry, we are dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible.


Many moving companies seem to offer same services, only at ProMove Singapore our most important goal is your complete satisfaction. We are dedicated to make your moving process easy and stress free.


Our experienced and professionally-trained crews will provide you with best service depending upon your specific needs, at most affordable rates. Let us show you why our clients consider us most professional and reliable movers in the town.


Having ProMove Singapore as your single point of contact, we are responsible and accountable in ensuring that your personal belonging and household goods arrive at your destination with in good hands. This eliminates confusion for you on who to contact for your shipment related matters, and we will update you directly on all matters. You can relax and leave all the tedious and frustrating administrative as well as logistical part of your move to us.

Vision, Mission & Core Values Statement


To be a leading international moving company, through focus on customer satisfactions with our high level of service excellence.



To excel at solving challenges in international moving by providing innovative, professional and seamless solutions that exceed customer satisfactions.

Core Value

Accountability, Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism and Quality



Corporate Responsibility

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

ProMove Singapore is committed to fighting against bribery and corruption and ensuring that its suppliers and their personnel do not engage in bribery and/or corruption while serving Promove Singapore customers.



Data Protection Policy

ProMove Singapore is committed to complying with Privacy Protection Act and security requirements wherever we do business. This is vital to our continued success in an increaseingly regulated global marketplace, and also reflects our commitment to conduct business in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.



Environmental Policy

ProMove Singapore is committed to nurture its employees to the protection of our environment


as well as complying with accepted environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed applicable legal and other requirements, to strive for continual improvement in our environmental management system, and to minimise the creation of waste and pollution.  We will, therefore, manage our processes, our materials and our people in order to reduce the environmental impact on our work.


as well as conduct business in compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and exercise good environmental practices.


ProMove Singapore have set clear objectives and targets against which we will measure and report on our environmental performance. Specifically, we will:


  • Reduce CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleets

  • Avoid use of materials from non-renewable sources or materials that involve significant impact on the environment

  • Continuous efforts to be energy-efficient and to practice Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Use environmentally responsible suppliers and contractors

  • Ensure that all our employees are provided with information, training and tools necessary to implement responsible environmental practice.


ProMove Singapore will also expect similarly high standards from our suppliers and contractors.

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